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The insane process of filling out the online UK Visa Application Form

I have to travel to London next month, and started the usual visa application process. I’ve grown accustomed to filling these out, as I usually go through the visa process of some country every few months. The Schengen visa application is a two-page affair and is not too bad. The US application application isn’t that… Read more »

No more cross-posting

In my earlier simple attempts at aggregating my online activities, I had set up my blog to cross-post to my Twitter stream, for my Twitter tweets to post back to my blog, and for my bookmarks to do a nightly aggregated post back to my blog too (which would of course also generate a… Read more »

The day the internet broke?

That’s it – today is the day the internet broke! People started realising something was wrong with Google when almost every search result had the accompanying text “This site may harm your computer”. Clicking on any result led to a page warning the user that the page they wanted to visit was very likely a… Read more »

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