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Why is the Mac SnapSnap so muc…

Why is the Mac SnapSnap so much more expensive than the Windows one? And outside the US the price is substantially higher too. *sigh*

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YouTube – 2008 Latest Edition – Did You Know 3.0 – From Meeting in Rome this Year (tags: Information Population China India USA Media Radio TV Internet Learning Change Evolution Exponential)

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HTTP errors – a set on Flickr (tags: Http ErrorCodes Error Codes Pictures Pictograms Humour) London (harder, better, faster, stronger) on Vimeo Daft Punk (tags: London Video Pictures Camera Photography)

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15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine (tags: Programming Development Design Tools WebDesign Javascript WebDev Web Browser Firefox Utilities Extensions Plugin IE Debugging Firebug) Epic Guitar Hero 2 Dragonforce Drumguitarist is Today's BIG Thing – NOV 17, 2008 (tags: GuitarHero Drumguitarist Fun Guitar Video Hack) YouTube – Bike Hero (tags:… Read more »

It’s a sad day when OpenOffice…

It’s a sad day when OpenOffice’s crash reporting file saver crashes! At least it was single-threaded and only maxed out one core. 🙂

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MTmini – How To « AudioTouch and more (tags: Programming Design Software Howto Tutorial Technology Tutorials Geek Hardware Hack Video DIY UI Interface Ideas Webcam Tracking Camera Interactive Tech Multitouch)