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Moving to WordPress

MovableType 3.0 has changed it’s licensing, so it’s time to start looking at alternatives. WordPress seems to be the next logical choice. Even found a guide on migrating from MovableType to WordPress, where I’ll probably be spending quite some time.

Browser Wars reignite

And here we were, thinking that the browser wars had come to an end, after Internet Explorer crushed Netscape. Looks like Netscape’s offspring, Mozilla, is here to kick some IE ass, Read on here for information about how Mozilla and its derivatives are fighting back.

Assorted (D)HTML/CSS goodies

Time to start making these links available properly. First of all, there’s the IE7 CSS file, which makes IE 5.5 and IE 6.0 finally render most CSS properly (including PNG transparency!). On the other side, there’s two nice drop-down menu scripts which I’ve found: ADxMenu, which renders an appropriately marked up list into proper drop-down… Read more »