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GTD for your Mac Desktop

After having tried many different ways of organizing work on my computer, I find myself having gone full circle and settling with the ever popular 5-folder configuration, as you can see in the small screen grab. Variations of how these are named can be found everywhere, but regardless of how they’re named, they’re all used… Read more »

Facebook in Reality

Here’s what Facebook would be like if it were to represent actions in the real world: Would YOU let anyone do that? Enough with the poking and scrabble and superwall for heaven’s sake! 2012-12-31: Updated to correct the reference to the video, as the other was taken down.

SIP Telephony

A lot of people have asked me about my home network configuration and VoIP telephone setup, so I thought I'd illustrate it here: In the illustration, all blue arrows represent SIP communication with the annotation on the arrow representing the link layer.  The black arrows carry non IP voice traffic, potentially over GSM/UMTS or the… Read more »

Sinhala Unicode and Browser/OS support

After my last two posts on the Sinhala iGoogle keyboard gadget and searching for Sinhala Unicode, I had a few questions on what Sinhala Unicode would look like, seeing that one needs to have a Sinhala Unicode font installed for it to render properly. Each operating system seems to need a different number of steps… Read more »

CITCon Open Space

I’m in Brussels at the moment, attending the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference (aka CITCON). CITCON is as always being organized as an OpenSpace. You’re probably thinking “What is an OpenSpace”. Well, according to this description on the CITCON site: OpenSpace is a small set of rules that allow groups of people to interact in… Read more »

BBC adds links to social-networks

The popularity of social networks can’t be denied, but it was still a surprise to find that the BBC had started adding social-bookmark links at the bottom of their news items. Specifically, they’ve added links to, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Although the BBC does experiment a lot with new media, this was still… Read more »

Problems with Squid3 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

I have a machine which is running an up-to-date Ubuntu Feisty Fawn installation on which I wanted to run Squid. Installing it was a snap – just run sudo apt-get install squid3, and you’re set … or are you? Trying to use the proxy I get an unexpected “Connection refused” message. Investigating a bit further,… Read more »