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Sinhala On-Screen Keyboard iGoogle gadget

And here is a gadget introduced today by Google to enable easy entry of Sinhalese text, without having to switch your keyboard layout or install special software: The Sinhala On-Screen Keyboard iGoogle Gadget! The text in the previous post was actually created within seconds, through the use of this gadget. Unfortunately, both Firefox and Internet… Read more »

Searching for “Roshan” in Sinhalese on Google in the Sinhalese locale

Here’s a test to see what happens when you search for ?????? (Roshan) and ????????????????? (Sembacuttiaratchy) via Google Sri Lanka. Actually, that last search should eventually be a GoogleWhack. 🙂 If you use Firefox, the pages might not render correctly. Make sure you have a font like Kaputa Unicode installed. If you use any flavour… Read more »

Flock: The New Generation Web Browser

I’ve just discovered Flock: A browser based on the Mozilla code base, but providing lots and lots of interesting new features.  For example, it integrates very well into your blog.  This post, for example, using the Flock browser’s BlogBar functionality.  It makes it very easy to blog about things you might find while surfing.  Another… Read more »

SIP for all: Gizmo

Finally, it’s out: the Gizmo Project – an easy to use, SIP-based VoIP program for everyone. It’s like Skype, except it’s based on open standards. After downloading and installing Gizmo, the first thing I did was to plug in my Asterisk SIP address into it and see whether it would dial, and it did! Similarly,… Read more »

New Google UK services

Google – they’re at it again! They’ve introduced several new services on their Google UK site, which include: Google Local – to search for entries relevant to your immediate vicinity Google Maps – Interactive maps which are much more feature-rich than those from MultiMap or StreetMap. Google Mobile – Access Google via SMS from your… Read more »

Sipura 3000 UK BT Regionalisation Parameters

A user on Voxilla has posted a set of parameters which allow you to configure the Sipura SPA 3000 Adaptor to correspond to UK BT-style regionalisation. A very helpful thread. Updated broken link, using instead.

VoIP to be considered criminal?

Hot on the heels of Vonage complaining that an ISP has blocked it’s services, an article at TechWeb mentions the possibility of Costa Rica possibly criminalising VoIP, or rather, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), who are a telecommunications monopoly in Costa Rica, find it not right that 20% of international calls made from Costa… Read more »

Sipura 3000 vs HandyTone 486 Rev 2

After doing some more research on the capabilities of the Sipura ATA adaptors and the HandyTone range, I found that both now offer the capability to connect to standard PSTN lines as well as the VoIP connection, meaning you can buy one of these adaptors, plug it in between your phone and your phone line,… Read more »

Vonage in UK

The BBC has an article about Internet telephony, which compares Skype and Vonage. Yes, Vonage have quietly introduced their services in the UK. I’d initially thought to myself that if Vonage ever were to start operations in the UK that I’d sign up with them, but I think they’ll find it hard to match the… Read more »

SIP Telephony

Many of my friends have recently discovered that I have gone SIP crazy. I’d known for quite some time that SIP existed, but had never really got around to trying it out. After reading a post and associated comments at Slashdot, I finally decided to go and see what all the hype was about. I… Read more »