BBC adds links to social-networks

The popularity of social networks can’t be denied, but it was still a surprise to find that the BBC had started adding social-bookmark links at the bottom of their news items. Specifically, they’ve added links to, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Although the BBC does experiment a lot with new media, this was still quite unexpected. Looks like they aren’t the dinosaur they used to be! And it seems it’s not just the BBC readers/viewers who are exposed to Facebook – it seems that BBC staff and employees are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, with the network having gone viral inside the beeb. Was that the reason these links were added? 🙂

I’m wondering what the reaction of people who haven’t yet been part of these networks will think once they see these icons. Will they be tantalising enough for them to go subscribe and start using a social network? Or will they simply be ignored? Would be nice to have access to some kind of stats on it.