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BeagleBone Black pinmux and DTS helper

To make creating a consistent Device Tree overlay easier for the Beagle Bone Black, I’ve created a small helper. It can: Read the contents of the various pinmux files, and display a combined output Generate a template DTS file To display the current pin configuration, just run the utility without any parameters: $ ./ Header… Read more »

Light Painting with the BeagleStick

Having seen the pixelstick and the neopixel-painter, I decided to build my own. Instead of an Arduino, I decided to build this using a BeagleBone Black. Why? Because I had just recently bought a BBB and wanted to use it in a project! Materials needed: BeagleBone Black – $45.00 Adafruit 144 LED 1m NeoPixel strip… Read more »

Running HDR Efex Pro 2 in VirtualBox

Open the folder containing your Nik Software configuration. The easiest way to get there is to type the following into the Windows-Run window: “%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Nik Software\HDR Efex Pro 2” Open the HDREfexPro2.cfg file in a text-editor, and add this small XML snippet into the top of the file: Start HDR Efex Pro-2, and start… Read more »

Using a GeoTrust QuickSSL certificate with OpenFire

Download the GeoTrust DV Intermediate CA file from Log in to the openfire admin UI ( http://server:9090/ ) and navigate to “Server Settings” -> “Server Certificates” and click on the “import” link ( http://server:9090/import-certificate.jsp ). Copy the appropriate sections from your certificate into the two text fields. Next, open the GT_QuickSSL_and_Premium_and_Trial_intermediate_bundle.pem file you just… Read more »

Transliterate to Sinhalese using Google Transliterate

Google Transliterate has been available for a while, but what’s nice is that it now supports Sinhalese too. Check it out: If you type “Roshan”, it’ll transcribe exactly as it should. My surname is a bit trickier so you can’t type it as it’s normally written in English but you instead have to type… Read more »

Using Firefox 3.0+ cookies with wget/curl

Firefox versions prior to 3.0 stored their cookies in a standard cookies.txt file that could be used by tools like wget or curl. From version 3.0 onwards, Firefox uses sqlite for persistence of cookies and other data, making it slightly more difficult to use the same cookies. Here’s an invocation you can use to generate… Read more »

Updating the firmware of an Olimex AVR-ISP500 from Linux

I recently got an Olimex AVR-ISP500 and wanted to upgrade the firmware from my Ubuntu desktop (didn’t really fancy installing any drivers on the Windows machine). Here’s what I had to do: First, make sure you have lrzsz available: roshan@optimus $ sudo apt-get install lrzsz [sudo] password for roshan: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency… Read more »

Using flickcurl in a script

I’ve recently started using Flickr more than I have before, where my workflow consisted of using Lightroom to sort out the photos, process them and to give them a rating, export from lightroom, watermark, upload all the files to my photostream, and then add the photos I’d rated with at least 4 stars to a… Read more »