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Running WordPress and Plugins from an SVN repository

The process of installing/updating WordPress using Subversion is well documented, but keeping your entire WordPress installation in SVN is less-well documented, although there are several people who’ve also thought along these lines and have documented what they’ve done. Here’s my take on it, very closely related to PB30’s method linked above, but with some enhancements…… Read more »

Using Firefox 3.0+ cookies with wget/curl

Firefox versions prior to 3.0 stored their cookies in a standard cookies.txt file that could be used by tools like wget or curl. From version 3.0 onwards, Firefox uses sqlite for persistence of cookies and other data, making it slightly more difficult to use the same cookies. Here’s an invocation you can use to generate… Read more »

Updating the firmware of an Olimex AVR-ISP500 from Linux

I recently got an Olimex AVR-ISP500 and wanted to upgrade the firmware from my Ubuntu desktop (didn’t really fancy installing any drivers on the Windows machine). Here’s what I had to do: First, make sure you have lrzsz available: roshan@optimus $ sudo apt-get install lrzsz [sudo] password for roshan: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency… Read more »

Using flickcurl in a script

I’ve recently started using Flickr more than I have before, where my workflow consisted of using Lightroom to sort out the photos, process them and to give them a rating, export from lightroom, watermark, upload all the files to my photostream, and then add the photos I’d rated with at least 4 stars to a… Read more »

Sinhala Unicode and Browser/OS support

After my last two posts on the Sinhala iGoogle keyboard gadget and searching for Sinhala Unicode, I had a few questions on what Sinhala Unicode would look like, seeing that one needs to have a Sinhala Unicode font installed for it to render properly. Each operating system seems to need a different number of steps… Read more »

Searching for “Roshan” in Sinhalese on Google in the Sinhalese locale

Here’s a test to see what happens when you search for ?????? (Roshan) and ????????????????? (Sembacuttiaratchy) via Google Sri Lanka. Actually, that last search should eventually be a GoogleWhack. 🙂 If you use Firefox, the pages might not render correctly. Make sure you have a font like Kaputa Unicode installed. If you use any flavour… Read more »