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BeagleBone Black pinmux and DTS helper

To make creating a consistent Device Tree overlay easier for the Beagle Bone Black, I’ve created a small helper. It can: Read the contents of the various pinmux files, and display a combined output Generate a template DTS file To display the current pin configuration, just run the utility without any parameters: $ ./ Header… Read more »

Playing around with the Raspberry Pi

Placing an order for the Raspberry Pi via the Farnell website was almost impossible, as all the RPi followers were hammering away at the site, trying to get in their order. I chose to do things the “old-fashioned” way instead, and just called them up! Five minutes on the phone with them, and my order… Read more »

Updating the firmware of an Olimex AVR-ISP500 from Linux

I recently got an Olimex AVR-ISP500 and wanted to upgrade the firmware from my Ubuntu desktop (didn’t really fancy installing any drivers on the Windows machine). Here’s what I had to do: First, make sure you have lrzsz available: roshan@optimus $ sudo apt-get install lrzsz [sudo] password for roshan: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency… Read more »