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Transliterate to Sinhalese using Google Transliterate

Google Transliterate has been available for a while, but what’s nice is that it now supports Sinhalese too. Check it out: If you type “Roshan”, it’ll transcribe exactly as it should. My surname is a bit trickier so you can’t type it as it’s normally written in English but you instead have to type… Read more »

The day the internet broke?

That’s it – today is the day the internet broke! People started realising something was wrong with Google when almost every search result had the accompanying text “This site may harm your computer”. Clicking on any result led to a page warning the user that the page they wanted to visit was very likely a… Read more »

Pictures from the new Google Zurich office

Since over a year, we've been doing a continual move from the old building to the new.  Following completion of the redecoration and fitting of the first half of the building, I've also been at the new building.  At the end of January, work on the rest of the building was completed and we're now… Read more »