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links for 2009-01-25

Linux-802.15.4 Home Page (tags: Linux Hacking Sensors Wireless Networks Zigbee) Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas (tags: Geek Hardware DIY Electronics Gadgets Online GPS Arduino Radio Sensors Components Shopping Store) Arduino – ArduinoEthernetShield (tags: Hardware Hack DIY Electronics Interface Network Arduino Ethernet) PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor (tags: Electronics Sensors Ultrasonic Distance Range Component)

links for 2009-01-20

Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Probably the biggest Arduino based Monome (tags: Arduino Monome Music Beats Electronics)

links for 2009-01-11

Future Technology Devices Intl – VDIP1 (tags: Flash Electronics USB Arduino Card Host Controller Development) :: Canon RC-1 remote control reverse engineered (tags: Canon IR Trigger Hacking)

links for 2009-01-07

Saleae Logic. The Logic Analyzer, Remastered. Now shipping for $149 (tags: Software Hardware Tools Code Digital Electronics USB Debugging Logic Analyzer LogicAnalyzer) – default (tags: Development PC Linux OpenSource Hardware Video DIY Computer Electronics Hacks Audio Automation Embedded USB ARM)

links for 2008-12-13

Objective-C Beginner's Guide (tags: Programming Development Software Howto Tutorial Code Tutorials Language Learning Mac Apple MacOSX OSX ObjectiveC)

links for 2008-12-08

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The brilliance of creative chaos (tags: Life Creativity Organization Books Psychology News Literature Writing Creative Chaos Order Productivity Room) Holdman Christmas (tags: Video Computer Music Christmas Lights Videos Display) YouTube – Christmas Light Show – Amazing Grace Techno (tags: Christmas Lights Animation Techno AmazingGrace DIY)