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Light Painting with the BeagleStick

Having seen the pixelstick and the neopixel-painter, I decided to build my own. Instead of an Arduino, I decided to build this using a BeagleBone Black. Why? Because I had just recently bought a BBB and wanted to use it in a project! Materials needed: BeagleBone Black – $45.00 Adafruit 144 LED 1m NeoPixel strip… Read more »

Using a GeoTrust QuickSSL certificate with OpenFire

Download the GeoTrust DV Intermediate CA file from Log in to the openfire admin UI ( http://server:9090/ ) and navigate to “Server Settings” -> “Server Certificates” and click on the “import” link ( http://server:9090/import-certificate.jsp ). Copy the appropriate sections from your certificate into the two text fields. Next, open the GT_QuickSSL_and_Premium_and_Trial_intermediate_bundle.pem file you just… Read more »

The insane process of filling out the online UK Visa Application Form

I have to travel to London next month, and started the usual visa application process. I’ve grown accustomed to filling these out, as I usually go through the visa process of some country every few months. The Schengen visa application is a two-page affair and is not too bad. The US application application isn’t that… Read more »

No more cross-posting

In my earlier simple attempts at aggregating my online activities, I had set up my blog to cross-post to my Twitter stream, for my Twitter tweets to post back to my blog, and for my bookmarks to do a nightly aggregated post back to my blog too (which would of course also generate a… Read more »

Facebook IQ Test App

Facebook has a million and one applications. Among them are a number of IQ Test applications. Even to view someone else’s results, you have to install the app, with the corresponding permissions screen as shown below: Now, maybe I’m not supposed to have the IQ to understand, but why should an IQ Test application need… Read more »

Zürich Freeze

You might already have heard about the Freeze at Grand Central Station in NYC, the Freeze in San Francisco, and many others. Here’s my video of the Zürich Freeze: The beginning of the video is not that great due to the backlighting.

BBC adds links to social-networks

The popularity of social networks can’t be denied, but it was still a surprise to find that the BBC had started adding social-bookmark links at the bottom of their news items. Specifically, they’ve added links to, Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Stumbleupon. Although the BBC does experiment a lot with new media, this was still… Read more »

Searching for “Roshan” in Sinhalese on Google in the Sinhalese locale

Here’s a test to see what happens when you search for ?????? (Roshan) and ????????????????? (Sembacuttiaratchy) via Google Sri Lanka. Actually, that last search should eventually be a GoogleWhack. 🙂 If you use Firefox, the pages might not render correctly. Make sure you have a font like Kaputa Unicode installed. If you use any flavour… Read more »