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WordPress and Twitter integration

I’ve just installed the WordPress Twitter integration plugin, which means my blog post entries will update my Twitter page, and any Tweets posted would update my blog. Here’s a test to see whether it really works!

A long overdue update

I’ve finally resurrected my blog, migrated it over to WordPress, and have a consistent theme across the main site, blog, gallery and code sections. Having done that, there’s several developments I have to share: I’ve moved (again!). To those who know me well, this comes as no surprise as I’ve always had some form of… Read more »

Developer’s Choice

“Good, fast or cheap. Choose any two.” And “Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster”.

3G Phone Hell!

After two years with Vodafone, I switched to Hutchison’s 3 mobile service. It was only after that I was to realise that this was a BIG step backwards. Read on for more details.

Emergency Exits on the Plane

I returned recently from a workshop in Vienna, and one of the attendees was telling me about having been placed on one of the exit/emergency rows right at the front of the plane, but in the middle seat. The actual seat next to the emergency exit had been given to a Chinese gent. Halfway into… Read more »


Every culture has something that they seem obsessed about, and for the Brits, it seems to be fire. Or rather, preventing fire. Of course, given history and the Great Fire of London back in September 1666, they have a reason to worry – but are they carrying it to extremes? Everywhere you go, you see… Read more »

Over-engineered doors

I’m always seeing things in London that I think are totally daft, but this really takes the cake. A few months ago, Canary Wharf closed off the route many people normally take to travel to and from the tube station, and made an alternate route available, which takes one through the foyer of a building…. Read more »

Testing MovableType

Just installed Movable type, and testing to see what exactly it can do, and how it can be integrated into the rest of the site…