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New Google UK services

Google – they’re at it again! They’ve introduced several new services on their Google UK site, which include: Google Local – to search for entries relevant to your immediate vicinity Google Maps – Interactive maps which are much more feature-rich than those from MultiMap or StreetMap. Google Mobile – Access Google via SMS from your… Read more »

Roses are red

Here’s a retake on the popular ‘Roses are red’ poem, culled from various Slashdot posts…. 🙂 r0535 R R3d 5ug4r i5 5w337 If U’d b3 m1n3 I’d f33l pr377y 1337. Roses are red Sugar is sweet If you’d be mine I’d feel pretty leet r05e r r3d, v1o13t r b1u3, a11 my ba53 r b310ng… Read more »


Well, my recent disaster with my laptop’s hard disk failing prompted me to install a Linux where I could access the Firewire drive onto which I would temporarily copy the data, till I could copy it back onto the replacement drive in the laptop. Plus, I needed to test and install something which I could… Read more »

Linux Adventures

I used Gentoo on my desktop at college, and part of the time on my laptop when it’s actually booted into Linux, and did learn a lot about Gentoo, and more about Linux during this time. But the more time I spent working with it, the more I realised how unpolished or non-professional Gentoo is…. Read more »

RedHat’s history as an IRC log

Neurobashing found this interesting post on the Fedora Developer list showing RedHat’s history as an IRC log (Colorized version here. Amusing to read, but also sobering in a way. Where is Fedora headed? Is it suitable to use on a server-environment? What suggestions? Gentoo has just hosed glibc on my PPC. Uagh!