@0xcafebabe I use VMWare Fusio…

@0xcafebabe I use VMWare Fusion on Mac OS X, and use Eclipse within VMs with no big problems. Definitely recommend having lots of memory.

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Facebook IQ Test App

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Facebook has a million and one applications. Among them are a number of IQ Test applications. Even to view someone else’s results, you have to install the app, with the corresponding permissions screen as shown below:

Facebook IQ Test Permissions

Now, maybe I’m not supposed to have the IQ to understand, but why should an IQ Test application need access to “your profile information, your photos, your friends’ info and other content that it requires to work”? Ah – maybe all that information is used to adjust your IQ score… you know, if you’ve used L33T-speak on your profile, that’s a -20 adjustment right there. Are you in a Palin supporters group? -30 for you! Photos of kittens? +5. Photos of dogs? +10!

Naah, quite unlikely. In my opinion, what should happen if you press that “Allow” button is the message: “Your IQ Score: 0”!