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It’s difficult to identify a single page or site on the Net as being yours. Sure, you may have your own blog or even a completely independent website, but with sites like, Flickr, FriendFeed and your profiles on all these pages, you’re bound to have at least a half dozen other pages that are “yours”. So now that you’re on these services, what should you do? To get the most of them, you’ll of course need to find your buddies on these sites, and that’s where things get tough. How do you know that the John Smith on service XYZ is in fact the same John Smith that you play scrabble with? If John has linked from his web page to his user profile then it’s no problem, but what if he’s only got a link the other way around, from his user-profile page back to his web-site. You shouldn’t have to click through the dozens of profile pages to find his – let Google do the work for you through the Google Social API!

A few months ago, Google made available an API which you can use to query the social network inherent in the web, by following the “me” links or pointers from one network’s profille to another, as well as the “friend” pointers. By then giving the URL of my web site, I can find all my “other” pages on the Internet, as well as everyone else that I link to or am linked by.

Using this social graph of services, it’s easy for you to find what services you have in common with someone else to be able to link with them there. To make this easier I have a very trivial bookmarklet I can invoke when I’m on any site, which does a lookup via Google Social’s API. To use it, simply drag and drop the “Google Social API Lookup” link to your bookmarks toolbar. Click it when you’re on any blog or profile page, and you’ll do a Google Social lookup. Enjoy!

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